Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Chance would be a fine thing

Does the brain work faster when asleep?

A dream that seems should have taken hours may be over in a few minutes.
The amount of information a dream of a few minutes can hold is far more than could be consciously assimilated while awake.

When we dream our conscious mind is asleep we remember dreams subconsciously and may or may not be able to recall them when we wake.

What are dreams except a stream of unbroken thoughts?

What is reality except thoughts repeatedly questioned by the mind?

Conclusion. The brain works at the same pace awake or asleep. It only seems to work faster when asleep because it is not being continually interrupted.

I feel pity for anyone who does not remember their dreams because they contain so much more entertainment than any media using a woken mind as the receiver can deliver.
They also give a frosted window through which we can see the shadows of the mind dancing.

This time I have answered my own question :) but still welcome more thoughts on the matter.


  1. I think we appoint ourselves our own editors and critics when awake, analyzing the images that come. In sleep we have put the editor to bed.


  2. I agree with you DB.
    The critic within us never sleeps!


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